From plumbers to pasta and pools to parks, I’m committed to finding, testing, and sharing the very best solutions for homeowners our beautiful community has to offer. Just like a best friend, I will list carefully to help you find:

– What you are looking to do – When you want to get it done – How it will impact your future – Where you want to go from there

Isn’t that what a TRUE friend does? I represent both buyers and sellers of luxury homes, first homes, second homes, and vacation rentals. Like a friend, but better. I am committed to turning your vision and dreams, into reality. With over 10 years in this unique community, and by serving on various community service initiatives, my vast network of resources are at your disposal. If you don’t know whom to trust, and need a recommendation, just give me a call.

I pride myself in:

– Listening “between the lines” – Always having time to care – Exceeding expectations through dedicated professionalism – Earning recommendations and relationships

Connect with me, even if you are not actively pursuing a change, and I promise to share with you the very best a friendship has to offer – trust, loyalty, and comfort in knowing you can always count on me when you need me!

Your Best Friend in Real Estate!
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